Big drains claim 104 percent cleaning, BMC retaliates on opposition’s charge

The BMC has claimed 104 per cent cleanliness of Mumbai’s big drains after opposition BJP and Congress called drain cleaning as hand-cleaning. BMC has Data of cleaning of big drains presented While stating that a total target of 3 lakh 11 thousand 381 metric tonnes of garbage was set before the monsoon, whereas till May 31, 3 lakh 24 thousand 284 metric tonnes of garbage has been removed from these drains.

This is 35 percent more than the previous year. BMC did this work non-stop between the Corona crisis and the lockdown. According to the BMC, the target of removing 4 lakh 13 thousand 987 metric tonnes of garbage from the big drains of Mumbai in a year remains. Out of this, it was decided to remove 3 lakh 11 thousand 381 metric tonnes of garbage before the rains.

In this also 40 thousand 264 metric tonnes of garbage had to be removed from the drains of Mumbai city. Whereas 43 thousand 766 metric tonnes of garbage has been removed. That is, 109% of drains have been cleaned. 1 lakh 6 thousand 206 metric tonnes of garbage has been cleared as compared to 96 thousand 908 metric tonnes of eastern suburbs. That is, the cleanliness of the drains here has been 102 percent.

Similarly, 1 lakh 74 thousand 209 metric tonnes of garbage was sure to be removed from the drains of western suburb, while 1 lakh 82 thousand 285 metric tonnes of garbage had been removed till 31 May. In this way, 105 percent of the drains in the western suburbs have been cleaned. In the first week of June, 17 thousand 297 metric tonnes of garbage has been cleared from big drains.

Brainstorming on dealing with the challenges of monsoon
In the meeting chaired by BMC Commissioner IS Chahal, a plan was made to deal with the challenges faced by Mumbai during the monsoon. Apart from BMC officials, officers of BEST, MMRDA, Railways, Police, MHADA, Metro and other agencies were present in the meeting organized through video conferencing.

In the meeting, along with cleaning of drains, information about cleaning of gutters was given to Chahal from computer. Chahal instructed to remove the garbage from the side immediately after cleaning the drain.

Directed to install pumps in the low-lying areas of all 24 wards where water is available. Also ordered to conduct its mock drill in all departments.

In all the 24 wards, where there are manholes, arrangements should be made for cleanliness after checking them. So that the garbage does not accumulate.

Last year there was water in JJ and Nair Hospital premises. Chahal asked to pay special attention to ensure that there is no water there this year.

The Assistant Commissioners of all 24 wards should visit their respective wards daily to take stock of sewage, manholes and pruning of trees.

Barricades should be erected where the metro work is starting.

– Immediate action should be taken under SOP for dangerous buildings in Mumbai. MHADA especially pay attention to this.


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