Begusarai News: Two women died after being struck by Rajdhani Express, a tragic accident while crossing the railway track


  • Traumatic accident while crossing railway track in Begusarai
  • Two women died after being hit by Rajdhani Express train
  • Around 10 women saved their lives by jumping off the bridge
  • Incident near Saluna station of Samastipur-Khagaria railway line

Sandeep Kumar, Begusarai
Two women died after being hit by a train while crossing a railway track in Bihar’s Begusarai. At the same time, about 10 other women somehow saved their lives by jumping into the river. This painful accident happened on Monday evening near Saluna station of Samastipur-Khagaria railway section. There was panic in the area after the incident was reported. Immediately a large number of villagers gathered on the spot.

10 women saved their lives by jumping in the river
It is said that more than ten women and children of the village were returning to their village after crossing the railway track over the Chandrabhaga river after cutting grass from Ratan Panchayat. Then the weekly Rajdhani Express going from Dibrugarh to New Delhi coming at high speed came near. There was chaos on the bridge as soon as the train arrived. Most of these women jumped into the river along with the children to save their lives. At the same time, two women also started running on the track to save their lives. However, by the time she could reach the end of the bridge, the train caught both of them.

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Women were returning home after crossing the railway track, then the accident happened
The women who died after being hit by the train have been identified. Among them, a woman is Anita Devi, 32-year-old wife of Ganesh Yadav, resident of Chakwanwar village of Bakhri police station area. The other woman is also 40-year-old Lalita Devi from the same village. At the same time, all the women and children who jumped down the track got out safely due to less water in the river.

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Accident happened near Salauna station of Samastipur-Khagaria railway line
A large number of villagers reached the spot on the information of the incident. The relatives who reached the spot picked up the bodies of both the women and took them home. After the incident, Rajdhani Express stopped for about a minute at Salauna station and the train drive gave a memo to the station master informing about the incident. After the incident, the family members are in a bad condition.


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