Before stopping the oxygen, the doctor in Agra said, ‘Don’t put your mind, kill the trial.. will know who will die and who will not’.

A video of Paras Hospital in Agra is going viral on social media. In the video going viral, doctors are heard saying that their boss had asked them to do a mock drill and instructed that the trial should be conducted by stopping oxygen for 5 minutes. The four videos that are going viral on social media have different conversations. The most frightening in this is the audio, in which Dr Arinjay is saying that don’t put your mind and do the mock drill. By this we will understand who will die and who will not. After this, when the drill was done, the patient started sobbing and the body turned blue.

In the video which is viral, Dr Arinjay says, ‘I called Sanjay Chaturvedi. He said- Boss, explain to the patients, start the discharge. Even the Chief Minister cannot provide oxygen. My hands and feet swelled and I started explaining personally. Some pendulums remain or will not go. Then I said – don’t mind and sort out those whose oxygen can be stopped. Do a trial, we will understand who will die and who will not. After this the mock drill started at 7 in the morning. Oxygen was reduced to zero…22 patients went away. Hands and feet started turning blue, if they started screaming, then immediately opened them.

In the first of the four viral videos, Dr Arinjay is heard saying, ‘I got a call from a trader. He told me where are you… I replied to him that I was taking the round. He said – keep taking rounds, we are coming to meet you. I thought there was an oxygen scandal. He came at 12 o’clock and said that there is only the goods till morning. Modinagar and Ghaziabad have become dry. Goods are not being received from Delhi, goods will not be able to come. I said – what are you talking about, will you not get oxygen? He said – from where will it be found, even DM sir will not give oxygen. We were taking the trader’s point lightly. I had 96 patients admitted and the total time taken was 12 hours.

‘There was a stir at 2:30 in the night’
In the second video, Dr. Arinjay says, ‘I had 12 hours, either everyone will die or refer them. The mind is completely gone and there is no other way. Called in the ward for an hour. Wrote a letter at 1 o’clock in the night to the relatives. Gave it to Narendra, Gaurav Chauhan and Laljit. Said that come read all the patients. If we had put a notice, it would have gone viral. There was a stir in the night at 2.30 pm and people gathered outside the hospital.

‘Decided that no one will go’
In the third video, it is heard that the person sitting in front is telling Dr. Arinjay that there has been a fight in Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. In response to this, Dr Arinjay says, ‘No such incident happened to me here. When I came to the reception, people were seen standing in the lobby. I explained to them. People said – whether we live or die, where will we go? Everyone refused to leave. After that it was decided that no one will go.

Now it will be written- 96 patients died in Paras Hospital
The voice further comes in the video, ‘We said – such a big incident happened, last year the scandal was nothing. Now it will be written that 96 patients died in Paras Hospital. Now the game’s over. Career over. Journalists will get 304 written and will not agree. There will also be jail. What would I do, again I caught the group of oxygen. Wrote that oxygen has run out. I sought help from Tyagi vendors etc. One promised to get five cylinders. But life had to be saved. I said – put the price of gold, but stand the tanker. But even the Chief Minister could not get the cylinders delivered.


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