Be it grasshoppers or nilgai, with this invention of IITians, they will not be able to touch your crop


  • Damage to standing crop due to locust, nilgai or other animals
  • IIT-Kharagpur alumnus created farm surveillance animal scare device
  • Device based on artificial intelligence, siren will sound when animals and birds arrive in the fields
  • Will also send alert message to farmer on mobile phone

Every year a large number of farmers are seen complaining about the loss of their crops due to locusts, nilgai or other animals. Now to help those farmers, an IITian in Bhagalpur, Bihar has prepared a special device. Through this device, the standing crop can be saved from animals and birds. IIT-Kharagpur alumnus Ajit Kumar has named it as Farm Surveillance-Animal Scare Device (FSASD).

IITian Ajit told how this device will work
Ajit Kumar told Toi that it is a computerized electronic sensor device based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In which many special devices including cameras have been installed, through which it will be able to monitor the fields continuously. He informed that Farm Surveillance-Animal Scare Device (FSASD) has been extensively used in Kahalgaon subdivision of Bhagalpur district. Among these, it was planted in agricultural fields and farms in Kheerighat, Antichak and many other villages. Ajit told that during the trial and testing, its results have come 100 percent.

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These special features are including loud siren alerts on the phone
Ajit Kumar told that this device has a loud siren to scare away the animals and birds and thieves entering the fields. Along with this, it will also send an alert message to the farmer on his mobile phone. It is an image capturing device, which runs on battery. To charge its battery, it is installed by connecting it to the solar panel near the farm.

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Know how much is the cost of this animal scare device
Ajit Kumar, an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur, says that during the mock drill, we saw that this device was able to scare away animals, birds that damage the field or standing crops. It has been prepared according to the needs and demand of the farmer. This device including camera, solar panel, battery and other equipment is just Rs 15,000. He said that we are also planning to add other monitoring sensors with this device so that other aspects of farm and farming activities can be monitored.

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Ajit started startup after leaving job in Mumbai
Ajit is a mechanical engineer living in Kahalgaon subdivision of Bhagalpur district. He started a ‘startup’ leaving a private job in Mumbai. Ajit said that he also imparts training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to make the local youth employable as well as qualified.


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