Battle with Corona – with Yoga, Ayurveda and Yagya, disease prevention Yagya Yatra out in Jogbani

Rahul Kumar Thakur, Araria
In the order of the disease prevention yagya taken out in Jogbani, the shopkeepers of the city donated camphor, cloves, google, cow’s ghee used in the yagya kund in the form of a donation on behalf of the organizer in a pot containing a fire pit on a cart. The process of havan continued in the fire pit during the entire journey.

Yoga and Ayurveda are being used fiercely to increase immunity in the war against Corona. On the other hand, the process of beating the corona by allopathic medicine is also going on continuously. In the midst of all this, Baba Ramdev’s statement about allopathy and ayurveda also created two factions, despite both the medical system being used fiercely by the people of urban and rural areas. Meanwhile, after yoga, ayurveda, to purify the environment and to beat the corona virus, house-to-house yagya, har ghar yagya has also started.

Journey out for disease prevention yagya in Jogbani
Rog Nivaran Yagya Yatra was taken out in Jogbani town on the Indo-Nepal border to make it free from diseases including corona and other diseases. A Yagya Yatra was taken out from Jogbani Indo-Nepal border to Netaji Chowk Hanuman Mandir. In which the religious lovers of Jogbani, including the representatives of Patanjali Yog Samiti Bharat Swabhiman Arya Samaj, participated. In the course of the journey, on behalf of the organizer, the shopkeepers of the city donated camphor, cloves, google, cow’s ghee used in the Yagya Kund in the form of donation in a pot with a fire pit on the cart. Through Havan, it was to purify the atmosphere and eliminate the virus of other diseases including corona.

The people involved in the yatra called for organizing a yagya in every house
On the occasion, the trained Yogacharya of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Jitendra Purve told that such natural materials described in the religions have been used for the havan of Yagya, due to which the atmosphere of the atmosphere is pure and the environment is also not harmed. They have used dried peepal, neem, banyan, aak, mimosa, dry tulsi, shisham, gullar, arjuna bark, jamun and mango wood as havan ingredients.

Called to perform Havan in homes too
Arya Samaj’s district coordinator Pramod Arya gave the slogan of house-to-house yagya, har ghar yagya for the people of Sanatan Dharma. Social worker Rajesh Purve made a sacrifice in the yagya and wished to Agnidev that the corona virus should end in the society as soon as possible. He appealed to the people to follow the guidelines given by the administration regarding Corona.


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