Bareilly news: Calling himself a gangster of Delhi, extortion of 50 lakhs was sought from the nephew of the businessman

Rajeev Sharma, Bareilly
The family of an entrepreneur from Bareilly came under stress when a demand of extortion of Rs 50 lakh was made on the mobile of a member of his family. The caller threatened to kill him if he did not pay the extortion money. The caller was describing himself as a gangster of Delhi. When the police started investigation by putting his mobile on surveillance, the truth came out. He turned out to be a young man from Bareilly. Police has arrested him.

Pistol’s photo was sent to threaten
Bareilly city-based entrepreneur Ashok Goel is the owner of Ashoka Foam. His nephew Naman Goyal lives in the city’s Rampur Garden. The first call to Naman for extortion came on the night of May 2 on WhatsApp. The caller said that he should give 50 lakh rupees, otherwise he and his family will be killed. After that again a voice call was made and the caller, posing as a gangster of Delhi, also sent the account number to send the extortion amount, but when he was not given the extortion, he again threatened to kill him by sending a photo of the gun and his Asked to send Rs 50 lakh from Google Pay on the number.

The troubled Goyal family met SSP Rohit Sajwan on Friday and complained about the demand for extortion, then they formed a police team and engaged in the search of the caller.

caught with two firearms
When the police team put the extortionist on mobile surveillance, it was found that he is not a gangster from Delhi but Shivam Singh, a resident of Shastri Nagar, Bareilly. Police nabbed Shivam from near the old district jail in the city. According to the police, two pistols and live cartridges were also recovered from him. He called Naman Goyal and accepted the demand of extortion.

There was molestation in Delhi, has gone to Tihar Jail
During the interrogation of the police, it was revealed that the arrested Shivam is of Khurafati mind. He has been lodged in Tihar Jail in Delhi in connection with a molestation case. He confessed that he wanted to live Aish’s life by demanding extortion. According to SP City, Shivam is being questioned that he had not called anyone else for extortion. He will be sent to jail.

Bareilly news: Calling himself a gangster of Delhi, extortion of 50 lakhs was sought from the nephew of the businessman


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