Bareilly News: Announcement of exodus of Hindu family due to fear of bullies in Bareilly, written on the wall – the house is for sale

In Bareilly, UP, a Hindu family has accused some people of another community of harassing them and for this reason has announced to sell their house and flee from the village. The police officers have assured the victim’s family of investigation and action.

complaint to police officers
The case is of Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. Izzatnagar Police Station Area The village is of Nagaria Kalan. The people of the victim’s family here made a written complaint to the SSP and ADG office on Wednesday. In the complaint letter given by a girl of this family, it has been said that a boy from her neighborhood entered the house and started molesting her. Alleged that when they complain, they are bent on fighting. In such a situation, it has become difficult for the family to live in the village. The victim’s family says that he complained to the police about the rioters and the police took light action on one of the accused and let him go. Since then, the spirits of the Dabangs have become more high.

This is for sale written on the house
The victim’s family is in such fear that they have made up their mind to flee the village by selling their house. To sell their house for this, this family has written on the wall that this house is for sale.

Police quote – the matter is being raised in a wrong way
At the same time, in this case, the police say that the matter is something else, but at the behest of someone, the matter is being escalated in this way. SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan told that this matter is of May 28. Vadani’s sister was married. In the marriage, the land of the other community was used for setting up the tents, but after the marriage, leaves and dirt were left on the ground. Because of this there was a dispute between both the parties. In this, the police took action against the giver of the land under section 151.

The condition of UP is bad from Corona, bar girls danced in Bareilly

The SSP said that there is a tussle going on between the former head and the current head. Due to this, the Vadani side is being provoked by the former head and such things are coming out. Now the police will investigate and take action against the instigators.


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