Bareilly gang rape: The girl student was talking to friends sitting in the temple, the miscreants took her at knife point and gang-raped in the canal

The dreadful truth has come to the fore in the case of gang rape of a girl student in Bareilly. Anyone would be stunned to hear the handiwork of all the six boys who carried out the incident to the police by the student. The rapists did extreme acts with the girl who was a victim of gang rape. With two of her friends, the girl went out for a walk on a scooty and while sitting in a temple near a village on the side of the highway, all three of them started talking, when some boys of the village caught sight of her. According to the information given by the girl to the police, four-five boys were on the spot. These boys, who reached the temple, first started making videos of all three of them on their mobiles, then abusing the girl student and talking about calling her family members, but when a friend of the student saw herself surrounded, she called her family members. When he wanted to call, the boys snatched the mobile from his hand. After this those boys started beating the girl student and her two friends. According to the student, some boys kept on beating and some kept making videos on mobile. One of the attacking boys was calling himself a lawyer. When one of them asked to call the soldier’s boy, the boy also reached by bike. He also showed a lot of domination.

The student’s friend had fainted due to the assaultAccording to the student, the attackers had sticks in the hands of all the boys, so someone was talking about stabbing them. Although a friend of the girl student managed to escape after seeing herself surrounded by the crowd, but the other friend was beaten up by those boys so much that she fainted. Before that the attackers were telling him that as long as you keep beating, we will not speak anything to this friend of yours.

raped in canalThe incident took place in the village Bhagwanpur Dhimri, located on the Bada bypass in the Izzatnagar police station area of ​​Bareilly’s city circle, where a dry canal originates near the temple. After beating the girl’s friend, the attacking boys took the girl to the deserted area of ​​her dried up canal and all the six boys took turns to rape her and then let her go, threatening to kill her.

scared studentThe victim girl student is studying in 12th standard in a CBSE school. She was gang-raped on May 31 at around 3 am when she along with her two friends had gone out on Scooty to roam on Bada bypass. After the incident, the girl is scared. Due to fear, he and his friends did not tell anything to the family members about this, but seeing the girl’s health deteriorating and seeing her, her elder sister sensed the untoward incident. When he asked, the girl told the whole ordeal. After this, his family members lodged a complaint with the police on Saturday. Also tell the police the names of the rapists.


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