B.1.617 variant in MP caused havoc in second wave of corona, revealed in genome study


  • In the second wave of Corona, the situation was worsened by the B.1.617 variant in MP
  • Revealed in genome study, samples of 1068 people were taken
  • This variant of the virus is the deadliest, hence the death toll increased
  • Fewer cases of this variant were found in the month of May.

During the second wave of Kovid, a large number of people have been infected in MP in the months of April and May. The healthcare infrastructure was severely affected by this. It was caused by the B.1.617 variant of SARS CoV-2 of the corona, which is considered to be the most contagious. It was first found in Maharashtra. This has been revealed in the genome study conducted by the Centre.

In April 2021, samples of 64 per cent patients were taken for study, who were infected with this type of virus. The B.1.617 variant is also known as a double mutant, according to the study. In March, it was found in only 2.2% of the samples. According to health department sources, 1068 samples were taken from MP for genome study. Its lineage has been found in 1012 samples. At the same time, the sample taken in March 2021 was mainly found to be B.1.1.7 variant, it is more lethal than other variants, but the recently found B.1.617 variant is even more lethal, due to this the number of casualties Enhanced.

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A total of 392 samples were analyzed in March 2021 out of which 231 samples had variants of B.1.1. At the same time, B.1.617 variant was found in 79 samples, which was present about 20.2 percent. At the same time, in April, the B.1.617 variant of the virus was found in 64.2 samples and the B.1.1.7 variant of the virus was found in 0.7 percent of the people.

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Significantly, the month of April was the peak for the spread of the second wave of infection in MP. Around 200 samples were taken from the state in May. Of these, the B.1.617 variant of the virus was found in 46.5 percent, while no case of the B.1.17 variant was found. Other viral lineages have been found in 53 percent of the samples.


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