Azamgarh Zila Panchayat Election: In Azamgarh, BJP-SP contest for zip president, trump card will prove to be independent

The election of District Panchayat President has not been announced yet, but the struggle to get this chair has started. The support of the members is also almost equal with both the ruling party BJP and SP. Both are also claiming to win the seat. There seems to be a direct contest between money power and muscle power for this seat. The reason for this is that BJP has fielded Sanjay Nishad, son of Mumbai’s big businessman Kanhaiya Nishad, while SP has bet on Vijay Yadav, son of Bahubali Durga Prasad Yadav. To get the SP chair, BJP needs 18 more members. So the election is bound to be interesting.

Let us inform that after the results of the three-tier panchayat elections on May 2, the politics of manipulation for the chair of the district panchayat president had started. Here, out of 84 seats of District Panchayat member, maximum 25 seats are in the account of SP. After this, BSP is at number two by winning 14 seats. BJP got only 11 seats. Apart from this, AIMIM has got 01, Congress 01, Ulema Council 01, Apna Dal 01, Aam Aadmi Party 01, SubhaSP 01 seat. Independents won 27 seats.

BJP gathered support
Due to being reduced to just 11 seats, the BJP’s claim was considered to be the weakest and the SP’s strongest. Especially after Bahubali Durga Prasad Yadav entered the fray with Bahubali Ramakant Yadav to make his son Vijay Yadav the District Panchayat President, this claim became even stronger, but the BJP strengthened itself from the inside and was equal to the SP. has erected. Now the party has the support of 24 members. The party has nominated Sanjay Nishad, son of Kanhaiya Nishad, one of the big businessmen of Mumbai.

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are not openly in front

If seen, at present, the BJP needs the support of only 19 and the SP needs 18 more members to get the chair of the district panchayat president. Both the parties are claiming the support of independents. BJP is dreaming of winning the president’s chair for the first time by getting the support of the members on the strength of money power, while the SP has the old experience of raj in the district panchayat. With the arrival of Bahubali’s son in the field, there are many members who will not be able to gather courage to protest openly. In such a situation, the fight here seems to be quite interesting. It is difficult to predict whose head will be tied for victory.


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