Ayodhya: Camera installed in the breastfeeding room of the hospital .. The Karni Sena fiercely created a ruckus on the draft CHC

Mayank Srivastava, Ayodhya
In Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, there was a lot of uproar on Thursday in the CHC draft adopted by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. There has been an allegation of breach of privacy of pregnant women through CCTV cameras here. The Karni Sena created a ruckus regarding this and demanded to register a case against the CHC superintendent. In order to improve health facilities, Chief Minister Yogi himself has adopted the CHC draft.

Now the question arises that when this is the condition of the hospital adopted by the Chief Minister, then what will be the condition of other hospitals? Karni Sena State President Shweta Raj Singh, who arrived to distribute fruits to patients at CHC Drafta, slammed the hospital administration when she saw the camera installed in the ward outside the labor room. Shweta Raj Singh said that the privacy of women is being played with here.

He raised the demand to immediately register a case against the currently posted CHC superintendent. She said that if the district administration does not take any appropriate action, she will take refuge in the court. On the other hand, the staff nurse posted on the CHC draft has also raised questions on the CHC superintendent, questioning the working style of the hospital administration. The nurse says that complaints have been made about this matter many times but instead of taking any appropriate action, they threaten to be fired from the job.

The nurse alleges that a camera is installed in the breastfeeding room outside the labor room, which is monitored on the monitor and mobile in the CHC superintendent’s room. It was asked many times to remove it but there was no hearing on it, on the contrary, we are threatened to be fired from our job.


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