Aurangabad News: Soldier’s hooliganism in jail


  • A prisoner lodged in Daudnagar Upkara of Aurangabad district was badly beaten up by the constable.
  • Before being released from jail, the soldier stripped the prisoner’s skin by hitting him with a stick
  • Aurangabad SP assured action after the matter came to light

Vikas Kumar, a prisoner lodged in a case at Daudnagar Upkara in Aurangabad district of Bihar, was brutally thrashed before being released from jail on Wednesday. The prisoner alleges that he was severely beaten up for not paying Rs 500 as tribute to the constable. The injured Vikas Kumar is being treated at Sadar Hospital. At the same time, after the matter came to the media, the District Magistrate has investigated and assured action.

The injured Vikas told that on May 31, he was sent to jail in a case of drinking alcohol. He was lodged in Daudnagar jail. After his bail on Tuesday, his brother had reached Daudnagar to get the bail bond signed. Jail constable RK Yadav got information about his bail, who is posted at the gate. He asked to pay Rs 500 before signing the bail bond, but Vikas refused to pay Rs. He said that he is in jail and has no money. From 11:30 in the morning, his brother was being driven from here to there. In the evening, when his brother agreed to pay the money, the bail bond was signed. He had given 100 rupees to the constable posted at the gate there.

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‘Soldier brutally thrashed before release’
Vikas told that on Wednesday his brother Daudnagar came to pick him up at the jail, but before that he was beaten up at around 11:30. Here constable Ranjit Kumar and prisoner Bittu Yadav, who was lodged in another case, beat him up. He was severely hit with sticks on his back and leg. Due to which he was badly injured. Complained to many people about this but no response. He was not given anything to eat on the day of the beating. He was released from here late in the evening. When his brother saw his condition, he burst into tears. The family complained about it.

SP ordered inquiry
In this regard, SP Sudhir Kumar Porika told that the matter is related to the jail. The jail superintendent will be asked to investigate it. Unnecessary assault on anyone will not be tolerated. The SP said that strict action would be taken against the constable who carried out the assault. He will be suspended and departmental action will also be taken.

Vikas Mishra does the repair work of RO machine
Vikas Kumar Mishra, a resident of the city, does the work of repairing the RO machine. He is engaged in this work for the last many years. Vikas told that a few days ago he had consumed alcohol and was caught by the Mufassil police station during the investigation. The first time he went to jail for drinking. He has never committed any crime before.

Marks of beating on the body of a prisoner released from jail


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