Appeal of Gurgaon administration, take second dose of Kovishield vaccine only during 12 to 16 weeks

People are reaching the centers ahead of time to get the second dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, the district administration has appealed that people should come to the vaccination center only during 12 to 16 weeks to get the second dose of Kovishield. Whether asked to come after first 6 weeks or SMS of 6 weeks was received earlier. Now there is no provision to vaccinate anyone in the second dose before 12 weeks.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Yash Garg says that both Covishield and Covaccine are safe. People should not pay heed to rumors about corona vaccine. The government has made some new changes in the Kovid vaccination process. The biggest change is with respect to the Covishield vaccine, which now has a gap of 12 to 16 weeks between the first and second doses, which was 6 to 8 weeks earlier. He appealed to the people that those who have received the first dose of Kovishield should now come only after 12 to 16 weeks to take the second dose.

Keep in mind that the difference between the first and second doses in the vaccine of Co-Vaccine Company is 4 weeks as before. There has been no change in that. In the new guidelines of the Central Government, now lactating mothers can also get their Kovid vaccination done. On the other hand, if a person’s covid test comes positive, then he can get corona vaccination only after at least 3 months of recovery. Similarly, if a Kovid patient has been given plasma or monoclonal antibodies for treatment in the hospital, then such patients can also get corona vaccination only after at least three months after being discharged from the hospital.


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