These Anti-Theft Signs Will Steal All Your Smiles For The Day

We’re not sure that any of these anti-theft signs have deterred criminals but they’ve sure given us a bunch of laughs. Whether out of desperation or simply to drive home a point, these hilarious signs are entertaining while also driving home messages born out of either boredom, frustration, or both.

Stop Stealing Letters!

Seriously? What has your life come to when you’re busy stealing letters from a motel’s advertising sign? We can’t help but notice that most of the letters stolen were vowels. There’s someone out there trying to make mostly nonsensical words from their stolen sign letters.

Stop stealing our letters
A few more stolen vowels and this motel won’t be able to tell people to stop selling their letters. On a positive note, Wheel of Fortune has taught us that they can always buy more vowels.

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