Anti Aging Herbs: To always look young, drink Brahmi mixed with milk daily, these 8 Ayurvedic herbs will not bring old age!

Ayurveda Anti Ageing HerbsAs we age, our face starts glowing and the hair starts turning white. Wrinkles on the face, freckles, white hair etc. are the signs of aging and no one can escape from these changes. But in the present era, by following the kind of lifestyle that we have made our routine, then we start looking old even before age. However, if we follow our diet and a good routine then we can avoid these problems in the long run. There are such natural herbs in Ayurveda, through which we can definitely look young for a long time.

In the present scenario, everyone wants to look young for a long time and such people do not know how many products they choose. But sometimes pharmacy products also become harmful to our health. So if we use natural things then we can avoid any kind of risk. Regarding anti-aging, Ayurvedic doctors have suggested us to take some herbs, through which we can reduce the signs of aging.
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Ayurvedic Herbs Prevent Aging Cells

Sharad Kulkarni, an expert at Jivottama Ayurveda Center believes that Ayurveda suggests certain herbs that can help reduce the signs of aging by regenerating the body’s cells. Because most of the herbs in Ayurveda are rich in antioxidants that inhibit the growth of cells that damage free radicals in the body.

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Desi Ghi


There are many health benefits of eating ghee. Some people stop consuming desi ghee due to weight loss planning, but Ayurveda considers ghee as the best diet to keep young. In such a situation, if you want to see yourself young for a long time and do not want white hair, then consume ghee.

Mixing it in a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach daily and drinking it regularly helps in reducing weight. By drinking it daily, the metabolism is accelerated and by eating one spoon of desi ghee on an empty stomach, the hair also remains black.

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Gotu Kola (Brahmi)

The use of gotu kola is an ancient medicine whose scientific name is Centella asiatica. Its leaves are green in colour. It bears light purple, pink or white flowers. It is also called Brahmi Booti or Mandukaparni.

Gotu kola is rich in antioxidants and elements such as flavonoids, which help protect the skin and body. It is also used as an anti-aging herb. Taking one tablet of Brahmi with milk in the morning and evening strengthens the mind. You can also drink its powder by mixing it with milk.



Shankhpushpi is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Shankhpushpi is cold in nature and it is astringent in taste. It acts as an elixir for mental health. Shankhpushpi is also known by many names like Vaishnava, Vishnukanta and Vishnugandhi. It protects you from many diseases like asthma, piles, epilepsy, diabetes and gives long life. By drinking it, you can avoid all kinds of diseases.

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Ginseng is also a wonderful herb of Ayurveda. Ginseng is used in the treatment of sexual diseases but if you consume it then you can also stay young forever. Ginseng contains many phytochemicals that help stimulate and activate the skin metabolism.

These phytochemicals also help you get rid of free radicals that accumulate when your skin is exposed to pollution and sunlight.



Ashwagandha helps in faster cell regeneration and rejuvenation and in turn delays the signs of aging. Due to its consumption, freckles or wrinkles sometimes occur on the skin. But make sure you use these herbs under the supervision of an Ayurvedic expert. You can also take its capsule or eat 2 grams of Ashwagandha powder with warm milk or water in the morning and evening.

Giloy (Guduchi)


Guduchi or Giloy regenerates our skin tissues and keeps our skin tight through its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used to enhance memory and the immune system. Giloy removes toxins from the body, purifies the blood and fights bacteria.

Giloy Especially beneficial for people with liver disease. It reduces the symptoms of deadly fever like dengue, swine flu and malaria. Scientists have found a variety of elements from the Giloy plant, in which chemical elements like barbarim, glucoside giline etc. are found.

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Turmeric milk is being consumed a lot during the Corona period. It strengthens bones and boosts immunity. But it is beneficial for the skin, by applying which you can avoid freckles. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.



If you want to look young for a long time and want to avoid anti-aging, then take one teaspoon of ground amla with water daily. This energizes the body and keeps you energetic. Eating two spoons of amla powder with wheat bread or roti daily, helps in delaying old age.


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