Alleged video of suspended mayor’s husband goes viral, complaint filed for preliminary inquiry

Jaipur, Jun 10 (PTI) A video has gone viral in Rajasthan in which Rajaram Gurjar, husband of suspended Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation mayor Soumya Gurjar, was purportedly seen negotiating 10 per cent commission to a company in lieu of payment by the corporation. Huh. After this, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has registered a complaint of preliminary inquiry on Thursday.

The matter is about payment of BVG company engaged in door to door garbage collection. The main reason behind the altercation between Municipal Corporation Mayor Soumya Gurjar and Corporation Commissioner Yagyamishra Singh Deo was payment.

The commissioner of the corporation was allegedly assaulted by some councilors during a meeting in the chamber of mayor Soumya Gurjar last week, following which the mayor and three councilors were suspended for misbehaving and abusing the officer.

In a video that went viral on Thursday, someone purportedly posing as a representative of BVG Company is heard offering 10 per cent commission to Rajaram in return for releasing the Rs 270 crore payment to the company. The video was made in April. PTI-language does not confirm this viral video.

Director General of Anti-Corruption Bureau BL Soni said that a Preliminary Inquiry (PE) has been registered in the matter. Preliminary inquiry is registered for verification before the FIR is registered with the Bureau.

On the other hand, BVG India Limited clarified that the company is not involved in any such negotiations regarding payment of Municipal Corporation. The company claims that the discussion shown in this video is about the support given to Pratap Gaurav Kendra under CSR Fund. The conversation that took place during that time is being linked in the wrong context.

Onkar Sapre, Head of Jaipur Project of BVG Company said, “We did not have any talk of dealing with any organization or person associated with any organization during this period.”

BJP leaders defended Rajaram Gurjar, saying the alleged video is false. In a joint statement, BJP leaders including Jaipur MP Ramcharan Bohra condemned the viral video and said that the people of Rajasthan will never accept this devious trick of Congress.


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