All-round political attack on Rajasthan Congress, CM Gehlot is being surrounded on these 4 issues today


  • Political mercury rises again in Rajasthan
  • Gehlot government on target of opposition on many issues
  • Politics intensified after Sachin Pilot’s statement

As such, the time of crisis is going on in the country due to corona infection. But the political transition that has come today has brought an uproar not only in the country but also in the politics of Rajasthan. Former Congress minister and veteran youth leader Jatin Prasad on Wednesday joined the BJP.jatin prasad joins BJP). This political development has increased the stir in the country. At the same time, its effect is being seen in Rajasthan too. This political development is being directly linked to Rajasthan. This is because now there is a discussion on social media that Jyotiraditya Scindia and Jitin Prasad, who were once an important part of Rahul Gandhi’s team, have now joined BJP, but the next name in this list is not that of Sachin Pilot?. People are also talking on this subject because Sachin Pilot has issued a big statement in the media on Tuesday, in which he has said that “10 months have passed, but the promise made to me has not been fulfilled yet, half The term is over, but the issues are still unresolved.”

Pilot broke silence after 10 months, said- half term is over but issues still unresolved

Gehlot is surrounded on four big issues in Rajasthan
It is noteworthy that after the statement of Sachin Pilot, now the Rajasthan government also seems to be surrounded. These days there are four big issues in Rajasthan, which are putting the government in the dock. At the same time, from CM Gehlot to Congress, these issues are increasing, let’s know about these issues.

Sachin Pilot’s statement gave the opposition a chance to speak
It is noteworthy that after the statement of Sachin Pilot who came on Tuesday and the displeasure with the party central leadership, the opposition has got a chance to speak. On this issue, BJP state president Satish Poonia has said that the people are being harmed by the Congress fight in Rajasthan. On the other hand, Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod said that finally the pain of the mind has come on the lips. When this spark will explode as gunpowder, only time will tell. The then Congress state president Sachin Pilotji played an important role in bringing the Congress to power. The issues with the Conciliation Committee are still unresolved. I don’t know what will happen when. Let us tell you that although Sachin Pilot himself responded on Twitter on the statements of the opposition and said that BJP should focus on its own condition along with avoiding unnecessary statements.

In the case of 5-year-old ‘death due to dehydration’, the Women-Child Commission sought the response of the administration, also wrote a letter to the CM

Congress also surrounded in the case of child’s death due to dehydration
Along with the political crisis, the opposition has also started besieging the Gehlot government in the case of the death of a five-year-old girl child due to lack of water in Jalore district. In this case, where now the National Commission for Women (NCW) has targeted the Gehlot government. At the same time, Union Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Prakash Javadekar has blamed the state government for the incident as shameful. Not only this, Javadekar has asked the Congress why Priyanka-Rahul Gandhi is sitting silent on this incident.

Contradiction in Congress over suspension of Jaipur Mayor
In Jaipur, the difficulties of the government are also increasing in the suspension case of BJP Mayor Soumya Gurjar. In this case, where Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasra himself advised Dhariwal to avoid such episodes. At the same time, the Governor has also sought immediate report in this entire matter. Here Soumya Gurjar has put a writ in the Rajasthan High Court against the suspension.

The challenge of the Gehlot government is increasing in the mayor’s suspension case, the governor asked for the report, Dotasara said – should have been avoided…

The statement of the pilot camp is also trouble
Let us tell you that where the pilot himself has expressed his displeasure in front of the party leadership. At the same time, the statements coming from the leaders of the pilot camp are continuously increasing the troubles of the Gehlot government. On Tuesday, MLA of Pilot camp, Vedprakash Solanki, while opening the minister Subhash Garg Morcha in the Gehlot government, had blamed him for the anti-ST-SC decisions.


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