Aligarh News: Love Jihad in Aligarh! The youth of a particular community took away the Hindu teenager forcibly, the police kept on shaking for 2 days

A case has come to light in the village of Thana area of ​​Aligarh district of UP, two days ago, a Hindu teenager, who was going with her grandmother, was forcibly picked up by some youths of a particular community on a bike. It is alleged that the police did not listen to the victim’s side and there was delay in the case of love jihad.

After getting information about the incident, BJP workers gathered and reached the police station. The police were accused of not taking action against the accused. Seeing the increasing ruckus of the BJP workers in the police station, the police registered a case against the accused in a hurry.

On April 8, 2017, Imran and Gulabuddin of a special community had taken away the daughter of a youth resident of a village in Barauli outpost area of ​​Thana Jawan area. The matter is going on trial in the court. An accused Gulabuddin has come out of jail on bail only recently. It is alleged that the daughter was going with her grandmother to her aunt in Pahavati village of Chandaus police station area, when she had reached Katra turn in a tempo from Barauli. From where the other was standing waiting for the tempo. At the same time, Gulabuddin and some youths reached the place and forcibly took the minor daughter on a bike.

During the incident, the grandmother recognized the accused youth, Gulabuddin. The victim alleges that information was given to the Gabhana police in the matter, but in two days the police neither registered a case nor took any action against the accused. The accused took away the girl in 2017 as well. The matter of which is going on in the court.

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BJP metropolitan minister said – refrain from antics
At the same time, BJP Metropolitan Minister Sanju Bajaj has said that legal action should be taken by registering a case against the accused. He said that people of jihadi mentality should listen with open ears that they should desist from their antics, otherwise there is no dearth of Hindu boys here and they can also respond well to action. At the same time, SHO Gabhana said that a case has been registered in the matter. Is being investigated. Soon the accused will be arrested.


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