Agra Paras Hospital News: ‘I myself came by giving oxygen cylinder, then how did grandfather’s death’, the relatives of the patients came forward

Sunil Kumar, Agra
Viral video on social media of Paras Hospital in Agra has created panic. At the same time, gradually now the relatives of the patients are coming in front. In the same biography, Mayank, a resident of Mandi Krishna Colony, has made serious allegations against the hospital administration on the death of his grandfather. Mayank says that his grandfather Vasudev’s health was not so bad that he would die. He was having trouble breathing. At the same time, the doctors are telling the lack of oxygen while the District Magistrate is saying that there was enough oxygen in the hospital.

‘Bring yourself oxygen cylinders to the hospital’
Mayank told that the father got a call from the doctor and told about the end of oxygen. I myself took the oxygen cylinders to the hospital, then after a while the doctor heard the news of death. Saying this tears welled up in his eyes and anger against the hospital operator.

Anger flared up against hospital operator
After the video went viral, anger has erupted against the hospital operator in the city, Congress leaders have gheraoed the new Agra police station and demanded a murder case against the hospital operator. Angry crowd protested fiercely in the hospital and police station New Agra. The hospital staff also stood by the side of the operator. State Secretary Amit Singh says that the hospital operator is the killer. He has massacred 22 people. The administration should take action against this or else there will be agitation.

The relatives of those who died came in front
Mayank told that his grandfather Vasudev died in the hospital on 26 April, while he himself had delivered the cylinders to the hospital. Ashok Chawla told that his sister-in-law Manisha was also admitted in Paras Hospital. He was undergoing treatment for Kovid. He died on 27 April. Ashok Chawla says that the doctor got a call from the hospital that we will not be able to save your sister-in-law, you arrange oxygen, there is no oxygen in the hospital. At the same time, he himself reached St. Peters with oxygen cylinders. After this, when he reached home, after a while again the doctor’s call came that Manisha had died.

what the officials say
District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh says that there was no shortage of oxygen in Paras Hospital, he has said that no patient has died due to oxygen. In the video viral, the misconception spread by Dr. Arinjay Jain that the plant in Modi Nagar has run out of oxygen, it is not beneficial to the public, under this a case will be filed against the Epidemic Act.


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