Agra Paras Hospital News: CM Yogi’s strict stand on the death of 22 patients, Paras Hospital in Agra seized


  • Paras Hospital of Agra seized, CM Yogi ordered
  • Hospital accused of killing patients due to lack of oxygen
  • Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Uttar Pradesh government
  • Patients are being shifted from the hospital to other places

The Paras Hospital of Tajnagri Agra has been in the news continuously for two days. The hospital administration is being accused of killing 22 patients by stopping the supply of oxygen during the second wave of corona. In this regard, the video of the hospital owner is going viral on social media in which he is telling about his misdeeds. As soon as the matter caught fire, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken a tough stand. He has ordered to seize Paras Hospital.

On the other hand, Agra DM Prabhu N Singh says that no patient has died due to lack of oxygen in the hospital. However, the entire matter is being investigated and action will be taken by registering a case under the Epidemic Act. The patients of the hospital are being shifted to another place. Necessary instructions have been given to the CMO in this regard. At the same time, Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh says that something can be said in this matter only after the investigation is done. He told that there has been a complaint of problem in providing oxygen in Paras Hospital.

Before stopping the oxygen, the doctor in Agra said, ‘Don’t put your mind, kill the trial.. will know who will die and who will not’.
‘Keep a trial, it will be known who will die and who will not’
In the video which is viral on social media, the owner of the hospital, Dr Arinjay Jain says, ‘I called Sanjay Chaturvedi. He said- Boss, explain to the patients, start the discharge. Even the Chief Minister cannot provide oxygen. My hands and feet swelled and I started explaining personally. Some pendulums remain or will not go. Then I said – don’t mind and sort out those whose oxygen can be stopped. Do a trial, we will understand who will die and who will not. After this the mock drill started at 7 in the morning. Oxygen reduced to zero…22 patients were discharged. Hands and feet started turning blue, if they started screaming, then immediately opened them.

Agra News: Mock drill of oxygen in Agra hospital, 22 corona patients died in 5 minutes! doctor confessed
Rahul and Priyanka attack on Yogi government
Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and UP in-charge Priyanka Singh Vadra are also attackers on the Yogi government regarding this issue. Both the leaders have fiercely attacked the functioning of the UP government by tweeting. Rahul said that there is a severe shortage of both oxygen and humanity in the BJP regime. There should be immediate action against all those responsible for this dangerous crime. At the same time, Priyanka wrote that the PM is saying that I did not let the lack of oxygen happen, the CM is saying that there is no shortage of oxygen. The hospital did a mock drill by turning off oxygen for 22 patients. Who is responsible for all this?

Paras Hospital in limelight

Paras Hospital in limelight


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