Agra Bus Accident: A horrific road accident in Agra, 4 killed… 12 injured

The bus coming from Kanpur to Agra rammed into a tanker parked on the road near the flyover in Chhalesar area on Thursday. After hitting the tanker, the bus hit the divider. After the accident, there was a scream among the passengers. Local people came after hearing the screams. He took people out. Four died and 12 were injured in the accident.

Local people did rescue work
The passengers were sleeping in the roadways bus when the accident happened in the early hours. After the accident, there was screaming. After the collision of the bus and the tanker, there was a sound like a loud bang. People were screaming in the bus, when the local people started running. People got involved in the rescue work. One by one people were pulled out. Four died and 12 were injured in the accident.

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Four killed including two women
injured after the accident SN Medical College admitted in. Resham and Mani of Agra Shahganj have died in the accident. Along with this, Mandleshwar resident of Rajasthan and Narendra resident of Kanpur died in the accident. His family members have been informed by the police.


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