After Pink Booth and Pink Toilet, Pink Corona Vaccination Center started for women in Suhagnagari

A new system has been implemented in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh to provide corona vaccine to women. Pink Corona Vaccine Centers have been started from Monday (today). Only women will be vaccinated at these two centres. By doing this, women will get rid of the line of men.

Two centers have been built in the district
Two centers have been set up for Pink Corona Vaccine in the district. These include Firozabad and Tundla. CMO Dr. Neeta Kulshrestha told that till now women had to line up with men to get the vaccine. Due to the high crowd, they had to wait in the line for a long time but now it will not happen. On the instructions of the state government, two pink centers have been set up in the district. One of them is in Firozabad and the other in Tundla.

Vaccine will be without line
It is the intention of the government that women should not face any kind of problem in corona vaccination, so special arrangements have been made for them. The health worker who administers the vaccine at the center set up in the hospital will also be a woman. Now women will be able to get the vaccine without waiting in line. Neha Sharma, a young woman who came to get the vaccine, told that this is a good initiative of the government. By doing this women will get convenience. Swati Jain, a graduate student, says that the efforts of the Pink Corona Vaccine Booth are very worthwhile. Women can now get the vaccine without any hesitation. Earlier women felt uncomfortable in the line of men.


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