After petrol in Rajasthan, now diesel also reached near Rs 100, the price in Sriganganagar skyrocketed


  • After petrol, now diesel in Rajasthan also runs the path of 100 rupees a liter
  • Only thirty paise away is the price of diesel to reach Rs 100 a liter
  • Petrol-diesel prices are increasing continuously in the country

Shri Ganga Nagar
Oil companies are continuously increasing the prices of petroleum products, due to which the prices of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing. You will be surprised to know that in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, petrol and diesel are being sold at the most expensive rates in the country. It is also interesting that in Sriganganagar, diesel is being sold at a price of about five rupees more per liter than in other parts of the state. Due to this the consumers are feeling cheated. At the same time, petrol and diesel are getting cheaper by about ten rupees a liter in the Punjab border, just a few kilometers away. Today, normal petrol is being sold at Rs 106.85 per liter in Sriganganagar and Rs 99.70 per liter of normal diesel. Whereas, normal petrol is being sold at Rs 102.22 per liter in Jaipur and Rs 95.37 per liter for normal diesel.

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Petrol-diesel prices hike up transportation cost
District President of Sriganganagar District Petrol Pump Dealers Association Ashutosh Gupta says that the consumer of the district is paying the highest price in the country to buy petrol and diesel. The transportation cost of reaching petrol and diesel to Sriganganagar district, which is located at the extreme end of the state, is very high. This is the reason why consumers here have to pay the highest price in the country to buy petrol and diesel. According to Gupta, petrol and diesel in Sriganganagar come from Jaipur or Jodhpur, so the transportation cost is high and there is a big difference in prices in Sriganganagar as compared to other parts of the state.

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Smuggling is getting a boost due to high prices
Petrol and diesel in the Punjab border, just six kilometers from Sri Ganganagar, is being available at a lower price of Rs 10 per liter than in Rajasthan. This is the reason that smuggling of petrol and diesel from Punjab to Rajasthan is also being done in large quantities. According to sources, petrol and diesel are smuggled to Bikaner from petrol pumps in Punjab, just a few kilometers away from Sri Ganganagar.

The round of accusations also started
In the case of increased prices of petrol and diesel, leaders are seen making allegations. District President of BJYM Gurvir Brar says that the Rajasthan government should go ahead and reduce the tax and make it equal to Punjab’s price so that the common man and farmers can get relief. On the other hand, Sri Ganganagar MLA Rajkumar Gaur says that the central government, which talks about One Nation One Price, should make the price of petroleum products the same throughout the country. According to MLA Gaur, the central government should start the closed depot in Hanumangarh, so that at least there can be uniformity in the prices of petroleum products in the state.


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