Aadhar card making camp will also be held at Corona Vaccination Center in Ghaziabad

In order to increase the speed of vaccination and to overcome the problems being faced by the people in vaccination due to the shortcomings of the Aadhar card, instructions have been given to organize card camps from the government level, so that the flaws of the Aadhar card can be removed on the spot. Along with this, new Aadhar cards will also be made in these camps. For this all the rules have to be followed.

Aparna Upadhyay, director of the National Health Mission, has issued instructions. In a letter sent by him to all DMs and CMOs of the state, it has been said that operators working for Aadhaar card are deployed in all districts and they are trained in techniques related to mobile update, so technical operators of Aadhaar card should be Camps should be appointed at the vaccination center. With this, there will be no problem regarding mobile update of the beneficiary for vaccination and the process of vaccination registration and updating on the portal will be expedited.

First vaccination registration, then flaws will be removed
District Immunization Officer Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal said that the main objective of setting up Aadhar card camps at vaccination centers is to increase the speed of registration. Till now this work is being done only by the medical personnel, who have got training but are not used to it, so it takes a lot of time to register and update on the portal, whereas Aadhar card operator is fully expert in this work. Huh. Vaccination Nodal Officer Dr. GP Mathuria said that in this camp, the beneficiaries whose Aadhar card will have some flaws, they will be corrected and new Aadhar cards can also be made.

On-spot registration can be done
The appointment of Aadhar card operators at the vaccination centers can also bring some relief to the people who have been waiting for the slot for months. With their registration on the spot, they can get the slot. According to the health official, many complaints are being received that registration for vaccination is not being done on the portal or slots are not available after registration.


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