70% reduction in patients of black fungus, white fungus, yellow fungus with corona in Ghaziabad

Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad
According to the data of the Health Department, a total of 55366 cases of corona have been reported in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Out of which 54472 people have been discharged after treatment and 457 people have died. While 437 patients are currently undergoing treatment. People could not get relief from corona. Meanwhile, black fungus also knocked in the district. According to the ENT specialist doctor, 12 patients of black fungus appeared together in the district on 9 May. After that cases of white fungus and yellow fungus were also found.

The number of patients of fungal infection with corona also decreased
In the second face of Corona, Corona caught people in large numbers. After which all the hospitals from government to private in the district were filled. Some people could not get beds in the hospital, so people started treatment by staying at home. On the other hand, the needy patients also faced severe shortage of oxygen. After which the Chief Minister also visited Ghaziabad.

During this, CM Yogi instructed all the administrative officers and health department officials to work on various schemes for the prevention of corona. After that the administrative officers started work on a war footing. After which the number of infected people decreased and the recovery rate increased and the death toll was also zero. But during this time there were also cases of black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus. However, after the unlock, there is complete relief now.

Fungal infection patients have a reduction of 70%
Private hospital of ENT in the district where fungal infection patients are treated. His senior doctor (ENT specialist) Dr. Brijpal Tyagi told that 12 cases of black fungus came in the district for the first time on May 9. After that, a total of 48 cases have been reported so far. Of these, 9 white fungus and 2 yellow fungus, while a patient of herpes simplex has also been found. Of these patients, 1 yellow fungus and 3 black fungus patients have died during treatment. While 7 patients are being treated in the hospital. The remaining 28 patients are undergoing treatment at home under them. Doctor BP Tyagi said that now there has been a reduction of 70% in the patients of fungal infection as compared to earlier.


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