6th JPSC Result Canceled: Merit list of 6th JPSC exam canceled, job of 326 successful candidates in danger

Jharkhand High Court 6th JPSC Exam The merit list prepared after the final result has been cancelled. Along with this, the court has directed the JPSC to issue a new merit list in 8 weeks and send it to the government and in four weeks to allot the cadre on the basis of the new merit list.

With this decision of Jharkhand High Court VI JPSC The job of 326 successful candidates in the final examination is under threat. At the same time, JPSC may also face many complications and complications in preparing the new merit list due to the court order.

Many of the successful 326 candidates may lose their jobs
Jharkhand Public Service Commission, JPSC had sent the merit list to the government in the month of April last year declaring 326 candidates as successful. Now the court has canceled this merit list and directed to make a new list in 8 weeks. After the order of the court, now a new merit list will be prepared by JPSC according to the guidelines of the court, then many of the successful 326 candidates can lose their jobs, while the cadre of many officers selected and posted in different districts can also change. .

Jharkhand High Court’s big decision… 6th JPSC merit list canceled, order to issue new list in 8 weeks

The difficulties of the selected 326 candidates increased by the order of the High Court
How much effect the new merit list will have on the selected candidates, then it will be known in the coming time, but it is certain that the difficulty of 326 candidates selected by this order from the single bench has increased. It is also believed that an appeal will be made on his behalf against this decision of the single bench.

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The High Court considered the mistake made in the preparation of the merit list serious
Considering the mistake made by the court in preparing the merit list in its order, it has also been ordered that accountability should be fixed on the people who do not follow the rules and such people should be identified and action should be taken, so that in future. Don’t have this kind of mistake. Now it will also be interesting to see how this order is implemented by JPSC.


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