5 kg mango for 1.7 lakh rupees! Cyber ​​criminal cheated online by becoming representative of courier company

Andheri resident one Mango box in the house to the woman Shipping was expensive. The victim’s name is Nayana. She lives in JB Nagar, Andheri. Actually, Nayana had to send about 5 kilograms of mangoes to her maternal home. Since Nayana could not go out due to the lockdown, she took out the number of a courier company with the help of Google and called to send mangoes. The unknown person in front asked to register online for this.

Nayana trusted him and not only got registered by visiting the link sent by that unknown person, but also transferred Rs 10 on his request. In the meantime, Nayana also put her debit card number on this link. However, when he asked for the pin number, he did not enter it. But the person in front was so clever that he called Naina and asked her to enter the pin number. As soon as Nayana entered the PIN number, Rs 4,000 was deducted from her bank account.

In this regard, when Naina spoke to that unknown representative, she disconnected the phone saying that she had done this work by mistake. It will not happen from now onwards and even Rs 4,000 will be returned to them in some time. Before Naina could understand the motive of that unknown person, 1 lakh, 7 thousand rupees were withdrawn from his bank in installments but very quickly. After this, when Naina tried to contact the accused, her phone was found switched off.

take extra care
Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, DCP, Cyber ​​Cell, Mumbai Police, advises people to be extra careful while searching for helpline numbers on Google or other search engines. She states that there are official websites of official companies on these search engines, from which similar websites are uploaded by making cybercriminals. Innocent people consider these websites to be official websites and they become victims of online fraud while buying, selling, booking or shopping for something. So be extra careful while using Google or any other search engine.


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