15-15 lakhs given to make TTE, joining is also done… like this the whole game is open


  • Case of cheating in the name of getting job in railway came to light
  • 16 fake TTEs have been caught from Kanpur Central station
  • Used to do duty from 10 pm to 6 am

A case of cheating has come to light in the name of getting a job in Kanpur Central station. 16 fake TTEs have been caught from Central Station. ID cards and appointment letters have been recovered from them. The caught fake TTEs were working at the Central Station for the past few days. A big fraud has been exposed in this case. The case of cheating in the name of getting job in Railways has come to light.

In the desire to get a job in the railways, someone sold the village land and farms, while someone took the capital deposited with the parents and borrowed from the relatives and got the appointment letter after paying 10 to 15 lakh rupees. When the 16 fake employees caught realized that the appointment letters were fake, the ground slipped under their feet. Many started crying bitterly in front of the GRP itself. Out of 16 fake employees caught, 3 are members of gangs cheating in the name of getting jobs. Their job was to find the unemployed. All the fake employees caught are from different districts and states.

Gang members, who cheated unemployed youth in the name of getting jobs in Railways, used to entangle unemployed youths in their trap. The gang members used to charge 10 to 15 lakhs for getting jobs in the post of TTE and Rs 01 to 02 lakhs for lifting and keeping goods in parcel porter. The thugs used to give fake appointment letters and ID cards after extorting money.

revealed like this
Ticket inspector Sunil Paswan was checking on plate form number-3 at the Central station late on Wednesday night. During this, Sunil Paswan’s eyes fell on Dinesh Gautam. Dinesh was checking the ticket by putting a railway ID card around Gautam’s neck. On this Sunil Paswan stopped Dinesh Gautam and started interrogating him. Dinesh told that for the past few days, we have been training at the Central Station. I am not alone, many more people are training with me at Central Station.

I used to do duty only at night
Ticket inspector Sunil Paswan sent Dinesh Gautam to GRP police station. GRP has arrested 16 people on the spot of Dinesh Gautam. In the interrogation of GRP, the fake TTE told that our duty was from 10 pm to 6 am. We were given the task of noting down the coach numbers of trains. Along with this, we were given different plate forms every day.

Search continues for gang leader
According to GRP CO Kamaru Hasan, a case of cheating by promising unemployed youths to get jobs in railways has come to light. Lakhs of rupees have been cheated in the name of job in various posts. The raid is on for the arrest of gang leader Rudra Pratap Thakur to get a job in the railways.


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